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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Rags to Roses = Party central

Well, party accessories anyway!! The unmentionable from earlier posts and the party I was to go to was my friends’ surprise 30th. It was quite special as due to the meddling of others we lost touch at about 18 after being friends through secondary school and we got in contact again through facebook a few years ago only to realise that we were both pregnant at the same time, her 3rd and my 1st. As it is there is only 3 weeks between our girls.
Anyway posh frocks and heels all round.

That’s me second from right and Trina (birthday girl) is the one attacking me on the left!! LOl. It was a good night and nice to see some old faces from school days. 

I have created a range of accessories in honour of the occasion, pearls and maroon and lovely sparkly gold. Check it out.

Clockwise from top left:
Maroon Rose - not yet listed
Maroon Peony - not yet listed
Upcylced Glass Jewel Brooch as a Hair Comb - not to be listed

And here’s some party pieces from my fellow Folksy folk!

Clockwise from top left: 



  1. Wow, you girls must have had heaps to talk about! Thanks so much for including my sparkly Snow Queen Ring in your collection.

  2. I love your range of accessories; so pretty!and thanks for including my butterfly brooch, Cassandra :)xx

  3. Love the new stuff! Really beautiful. Looks like you had a good night too :)

  4. thank you for featuring my Elizabeth statement necklace:)