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Thursday, 2 December 2010

I've been crafting for us!!! Shocking

So i thought , after a flurry of Christmas present making in October, that i would get on with some of the bits we needed in the house and for us. I have so many things i want to do that its hard to prioritise. First was the rug:

Which took 4 months to do but was soo worth it, i love it and so does Chloe. Its really thick so the super chilly laminate floors aren't a problem for rolly polly crawly Chloe! 

So then i started on my first 'upholstry' project. Its a hinged lid wooden box from my mum, i think she got it from B&Q or somewhere like that. Shes having building work done and getting new stuff so let me have one of them! Its all covered in reclaimed fabric from my stashes and wadding to pad. Its a bit rough round the edges but i love it and it keeps my feet up while I'm tapping away on the laptop!!

A mix of cold weather and constant dribbling has left poor Chloe with a very sore looking red patch of dry skin on her chin so i made her some funky dribble bibs too as shes getting a little old to have a proper bib round her neck all the time!!

I've made a diary holder too, I have so many appointment cards come through for Chloe that are too long to fit nicely in a standard diary so i made this to keep them safe in my bag. Its 70's material my mum used to use to teach embroidery and i LOVE it!!

 I've also been making presents and one particularly took me in a new direction. A photo frame for a friend that came from some very inspiring browsing at Altered Art pieces on Folksy. I think i may work on some for my shop too!

I will get back to stocking up my shop now, ever hopeful that the sales fairy will come a knocking!


  1. Ooh, you've been busy! I love the purple flower on that fabric :D

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Love the rug - I'm with you on the chilly laminate floors. A rug is on my list of things to do :-)

  3. Wow that rug is fab! Love it x

  4. ooh please spill the beans as to making rugs :) it looks fantatstic! and good for you at making things for yourself. know how precious time is x

  5. Wow, love all your upholstery stuff- I'm impressed! I'm definitely going to be giving the fabric covered boxeds a go. Cute idea on the bibs too!

    It's great that you're making stuff for yourself too. I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like I lose half the fun in crafting if I get too focused on making stuff solely to sell xx