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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday Showcase

Thought i'd pop my Sunday Showcase by here too and continue the Cake theme thats been imerging! 
Look at these lovelies!! 


Theres food and booties and tooth pillows for the fairy to plunder. 
And shes a thoroughly nice lady too. Pop in and take a gander.


Saturday, 30 October 2010


Right! Its halloween tomorrow which i don't really do much for, the odd party here and there in the past but otherwise not nuch of an event in my world. I have however been baking some lovely halloween cupcakes!


All green and orange tiedye in cake with white buttercream and black for faces

And inside.......

They're quite easy to do actually, just split the cake mix once finished and colour each seperatly then do a blob of one colour then a bob of the other till the cases are full enough and bake. Nomnomnomnom!


I also made these for my Folksy store, they sold lajst week and were quite popular it seems so next year i will do more. 

It has made me think about baking some more. I have been quite cakey this year heres some of my creations.
This is Jims 2nd Birthday Cake which was actually a last minute reoplacement afterter the Tiedyed 3D teddy fell apart!!

This is Chloe's 2nd Birthday Cake 'Teddy bears picnic' theme suggested by Daddy

This was Little Chloe's 2nd Birthday Cake, Fairy princess castle, just because her mum said i could make what i wanted!! Heehee

 This was my sister Jennies 30 something Birthday cake, red spotty outside and IN!!

Getting the spots whole and where i want them is still a point for practice!!!

So i am working on my Christmas baking list, gingerbread, peanut oatie bars, panforte, Pear and hazlenut tart tatin, profritor rolls and cinnimon cookies. That should sort 6 adults a 6 year old and 2 babies right???? 

I MIGHT make cupcakes too but only if i can afford some of these

They are supper cool! http://www.folksy.com/shops/bespokecards

Happy baking!!


This is my  first blog and hopefully i will keep up with it!! Time will be my biggest issue i think but thats probably everyones excuse. 
I wanted to start a blog to help spread the word about 2 things 1) Folksy and handmade. Folksy.com is a great site and gives people like me (hobby crafters) a chance to share their passion and make some money from what they love and for self employed proffessional crafters to share their wares with a wider audience. Its great! You can get this and that and everything else at great prices and its unique hand made and really lovely. 

Reason 2) too share a little about me and Chloe and our lovely life. Chloe's 2 and a half and small and fluffy and ace. 

She was born with some heart and brain malformations which mean lots of doctors and some pretty complex learning difficulties. We recently found out she has a genetic disorder called Mowat-Wilson Syndrome, it's the name thats given to the issues caused when there is a deletion or mutation in a certain gene. So i am at home with beany trying to teach her about the world and in the process trying to keep my sanity by making beatiful things!! 

Anyone with kids will tell you, you need to have something thats for you, to keep you sane! Mine is fabric and buttons and beads and boxes. 
So thats us for now. I plan to try and do Folksy Friday and bring you a themed selection of lovely lovely fings from my fellow crafters.

p.s - sorry if the spollings is awful!!