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Friday, 12 November 2010

Folksy Friday: Travel

Something about me: I live about 2 hours from my family and a good 4 from my best mates so travel is an essential in mine and Chloe’s life. I have the process of planning, packing and driving to a fine art now but with 3 more trips between now and Christmas planned I thought I would take the opportunity to see what the lovely people of Folksy had to offer to make things happier, prettier and generally more fabulous!

 Utterly fabulous Delilah Travel Bag from Erin

Keep your passport safe & easy to spot in your bag with this Babushka Passprt Cover from it's the little things

Stay clean & fresh with style with this Quilted Toiletries Bag from My Amazing Mum

 And of course something for your makeup Makeup Bag/ Purse from Erin

And to keep the small ones amused:

With all sorts of pockets and bits! Childrens Travel Art Case - Butterflies from Little Daydreams

For those that like to tap tap tappety tap their journey away LOVE Fabric Nintendo DS/DSi Case from Buttoned Up and Pinned Down

An excellent game for everyone to have a go atI Spy Puzzle Bag Toy Clown Cats Fleece from Made by Val

Lots of lovely fings to be getting on with for your travels this festive season and beyond.