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Friday, 26 November 2010

Folksy Friday: Snowflakes

I’ve been a little remiss this week and for that I apologise. I have been busily preparing for something that I can’t mention and Christmas! I will post about the unmentionable (ooo er!) at a later date and all will come clear.

So Snow eh, none here but plenty about I understand. I do love the white stuff but I hate driving in it so it’s allowed to snow as long as I don’t have to drive anywhere. No snow Christmas Eve till after 5pm when I get to my mum’s then it’s allowed to go for it!!
I thought with all the snow coming and with my never ending quest (so far unsuccessful) to find the best most perfect snowflake corsage centres I would cover all things snowflake. And try out a new format with the piccywics. Please let me know your opinions on the new format actually, if you like new or old etc. :D

       Lovely shabby chic snowflake cross stich, simple but lovely.

        Very modern and beautifully simple

        Something to get the kids crafting, keep little fingers and minda busy on cold dark winter days. 

         Warm up a winters evening with this lovely seasonal candle

       Want, want, want! But nowhere to wear it too. :(

      Lovely snowflake earrings and i know her stuff is super excellent because i already have a pair!

       A tag you don't want to throw away, gorgeous!

       Oh how DID those get in there?!!?? ;)

       Get clean with snow, mmm, looks lush!

        Sooo cute! Loveing the buttons into accessories at my shop at the moment, these are lovely.

         I love the brass with the rich blue centre, mwah!

So theres your lot. Why not get all warm and schnuggly and have a puruse of the other gems at folksy.com this weekend.

Please do let me know what you think of the new pics format, what do you like new or old?


  1. I love the style of your Folksy Friday. It looks great.Very fitting theme today. Apryl bluedaisyglass

  2. I love your snow flake collection!

  3. I adore snowflakes, this is a lovely collection!

  4. I think the format looks exciting, some people I don't think could pull it off, but you do, very well! :)

    Lovely finds, I love the candle :)

  5. What a beautiful collection! I want to buy all of them!
    Kate x

  6. Absolutely lovely. I went and bought some of the gift tags straight away. :-)

  7. Lovely selection & thankyou for including my necklace too :0) X

  8. Lovely snowflakes! No snow here in Berkshire as yet, but fingers crossed! Sad I know at my age, but can't help it.

    Natalie x

  9. Love the new format very festive :) x

  10. beautiful choices! You have a great eye for pulling together a collection!

  11. The collage is very impressive and a great way to see lots of items, but I also like your previous format for when you have a few particular shots you want to show.
    Lots of snow here but have passed your request for a delay in your mum's area to the snow fairies (hope they're listening as I think they are very busy at the mo)

  12. Love the format. I have been getting very stressed with trying to arrange pictures on a blog page! Do you just make a picture somewhere else and then paste it in as one? Think it's a plan.

    I love the buttons, and the tags, and the candle and... well all of it. Good picks.

  13. Thanks fat cat, i actually used publisher and then saved as a jpeg. You need to muck about with the size tho in publisher to find the best oneto make extra large on here and still fit in the main post area. Its a polava but once you've done it once you can save the size to use as a template. :D