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Friday, 19 November 2010

Folksy Friday: Alternative Christmas Colour Schemes

So every year I used to pick a colour scheme for the decorations for Christmas. This would take months of planning!! The last 5 years or so tho I let it slide due to decreasing interest in Christmas and went with traditional red gold and green, nice but not fantastic. This year tho I have re accessorised the living room (see last post) and am planning a super fantastic Christmas Spectacular for Chloe so the colour scheme is white, pink and purple to match the new accessories!!

So this Folksy Friday I thought I would have a look for alternative colour scheme element on Folksy, especially my girly grotto theme!!

 I have had these in mind for a while! Set of 3 or 6 Christmas Decorations from buttonbead

 These would look lovely against the white tree: Set of 3 Ceramic Decorations from Funky Cinderella

OMG how great are these?!!? Christmas Tree Decorations from Polka

Some lovely glass fairy lights in pink ooooooooooooo! from Redbrick Glass

Makes me wish i had a mantel piece, or a clear surface!! Set of five 'Granny Chic' Christmas Trees from Sew Vintage Obsessed

And some other alternatives incase you weren't sold on the Girly Groto thing!

Blue Stained Glass Star Snowflake Christmas Decoration from Dormhouse Studio

Lots of lovely colours here!! Christmas Ornament from Abbigail

What fun. Santa's Delivery Truck Decoration from HEARTS OF DOUGH


 One of mine!! Part of a trio

I am a LITTLE bit excited about Christmas!! Can you tell??


  1. Ooooh ta for the mention. Love your blog. Love Cake!


  2. Thanks for including my trees.
    Lovely selection of xmas goodies.
    Yes I'm excited too!

  3. lovely colour schemes. makes a change from red and green