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Friday, 5 November 2010

Folksy Friday: Traditional Childrens Toys

So this is it, my first Folksy Friday!! I have decided to look at Children’s toys, more specifically traditional and wooden ones. 

When I was first pregnant I was adamant that Chloe would have mainly toys made of wood and natural materials. (Yes I am a terrible hippy) It quickly becomes apparent this will not happen especially when dealing with special needs and learning difficulties! My love for a simple an idyllic childhood remains though and my perfect vision of Christmas has log fires and small people playing with dolls houses and wooden soldiers with no sign of plastic!! 
So I’ve picked some of my favourite bits on Folksy for you to peruse in the hope you'll come join me for some sherry and figgy pud!

Puppet theatre, doorway theatre
I love this! so simple but so much fun, it’s a whole day of writing, practice and performance!


Chunky group puzzle
These are supper lovely for little fingers to discover their first puzzles

Autumn Wood Peg Doll


Isn't she pretty?!!?? Small enough to accompany them everywhere but distinctive enough not to get too lost too many times!!!

Walking Duck
I love love love this!! Bright, simple and lovely

This would be lovely in any nursery. Its like something you see in preschools and think they must be super expensive, but its not!! :)

So for now that’s my offerings. I hope you will join me in my lovely traditional natural Christmas. Maybe when the sugars kicked in and there’s wrapping paper flying from every corner you can drift off for a moment, escape and join me!


  1. What a lovely selection:)

  2. Such a fun theme, it made me smile! Especially love the little duck.

  3. You have made lovely choices. I think I love the dog planter best, or maybe the duck, or the theatre? Actually i love them all. Linda

  4. That puppet door is fantastic!! Love your other choices too

  5. Loving the Duck!!!! So cute!

    Natalie x

  6. Traditional Christmas is the way to go! Thank you for choosing to include my little yellow duck!