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Wednesday, 10 November 2010


After 2 and half years of night waking it appears Chloe has learned to sleep through the night!!! Yay! I am hoping this last month has not just been a strange phase for her and shes thinking about going back to the bad old days in a while. It doesn't make for an on the ball mummy.
So to that end i have had a look on good old Folksy for some items tagged with Sleep and this is what i found 

Lovely sleep mask from Leanne Woods Designs
Totally gorgeous Lavender sleep pillow from Beckimarie's

Full of helpful hints on getting a good nights sleep: The Dream Jar from Earth Mummy

Big box of lovelies to send you off to sleep from Frayaluna
 This cute little guy is Red the Sleep Buddy from Creative Knits
And for those nights when you probably didn't sleep at all, the Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Clutch Bag from Kaz Wright Textiles
So some things to help you sleep, help them sleep and for when your not going to sleep at all!!!!  :D 


  1. Thanks so much for featuring one of my sleep mask. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Chloe isn't just going through a phase and you carry on getting a full night's kip:)

    Leanne xx

  2. Thank you Katy for putting my Dream Jar on your blog. Your Blog is great not too much to read like other blogs! Hopefully mine will be just as good.!
    Thanks again Alison (Earth Mummy) xx