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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Rags to Roses = Party central

Well, party accessories anyway!! The unmentionable from earlier posts and the party I was to go to was my friends’ surprise 30th. It was quite special as due to the meddling of others we lost touch at about 18 after being friends through secondary school and we got in contact again through facebook a few years ago only to realise that we were both pregnant at the same time, her 3rd and my 1st. As it is there is only 3 weeks between our girls.
Anyway posh frocks and heels all round.

That’s me second from right and Trina (birthday girl) is the one attacking me on the left!! LOl. It was a good night and nice to see some old faces from school days. 

I have created a range of accessories in honour of the occasion, pearls and maroon and lovely sparkly gold. Check it out.

Clockwise from top left:
Maroon Rose - not yet listed
Maroon Peony - not yet listed
Upcylced Glass Jewel Brooch as a Hair Comb - not to be listed

And here’s some party pieces from my fellow Folksy folk!

Clockwise from top left: 


Friday, 26 November 2010

Folksy Friday: Snowflakes

I’ve been a little remiss this week and for that I apologise. I have been busily preparing for something that I can’t mention and Christmas! I will post about the unmentionable (ooo er!) at a later date and all will come clear.

So Snow eh, none here but plenty about I understand. I do love the white stuff but I hate driving in it so it’s allowed to snow as long as I don’t have to drive anywhere. No snow Christmas Eve till after 5pm when I get to my mum’s then it’s allowed to go for it!!
I thought with all the snow coming and with my never ending quest (so far unsuccessful) to find the best most perfect snowflake corsage centres I would cover all things snowflake. And try out a new format with the piccywics. Please let me know your opinions on the new format actually, if you like new or old etc. :D

       Lovely shabby chic snowflake cross stich, simple but lovely.

        Very modern and beautifully simple

        Something to get the kids crafting, keep little fingers and minda busy on cold dark winter days. 

         Warm up a winters evening with this lovely seasonal candle

       Want, want, want! But nowhere to wear it too. :(

      Lovely snowflake earrings and i know her stuff is super excellent because i already have a pair!

       A tag you don't want to throw away, gorgeous!

       Oh how DID those get in there?!!?? ;)

       Get clean with snow, mmm, looks lush!

        Sooo cute! Loveing the buttons into accessories at my shop at the moment, these are lovely.

         I love the brass with the rich blue centre, mwah!

So theres your lot. Why not get all warm and schnuggly and have a puruse of the other gems at folksy.com this weekend.

Please do let me know what you think of the new pics format, what do you like new or old?

Friday, 19 November 2010

Folksy Friday: Alternative Christmas Colour Schemes

So every year I used to pick a colour scheme for the decorations for Christmas. This would take months of planning!! The last 5 years or so tho I let it slide due to decreasing interest in Christmas and went with traditional red gold and green, nice but not fantastic. This year tho I have re accessorised the living room (see last post) and am planning a super fantastic Christmas Spectacular for Chloe so the colour scheme is white, pink and purple to match the new accessories!!

So this Folksy Friday I thought I would have a look for alternative colour scheme element on Folksy, especially my girly grotto theme!!

 I have had these in mind for a while! Set of 3 or 6 Christmas Decorations from buttonbead

 These would look lovely against the white tree: Set of 3 Ceramic Decorations from Funky Cinderella

OMG how great are these?!!? Christmas Tree Decorations from Polka

Some lovely glass fairy lights in pink ooooooooooooo! from Redbrick Glass

Makes me wish i had a mantel piece, or a clear surface!! Set of five 'Granny Chic' Christmas Trees from Sew Vintage Obsessed

And some other alternatives incase you weren't sold on the Girly Groto thing!

Blue Stained Glass Star Snowflake Christmas Decoration from Dormhouse Studio

Lots of lovely colours here!! Christmas Ornament from Abbigail

What fun. Santa's Delivery Truck Decoration from HEARTS OF DOUGH


 One of mine!! Part of a trio

I am a LITTLE bit excited about Christmas!! Can you tell??

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Finally its done!

I have been working on a braided rug for about 4 months. I decided to start it as I was making a change of colour scheme to the accessories in my living/work room to ‘freshen and girlyfy’ my spaces. It became apparent that commercially I couldn’t get a rug in the colours I wanted that didn’t look like something everyone would have in their house and I just couldn’t afford to buy a handmade one to cover the space, 2mx2m there or there abouts. The cheapo Argos special I got as an emergency ‘its cheap it will do’ was beige and red and covered in baby stains so it HAD to go! This is the ‘mood board’ for the change I did in August.

It’s very fresh and VERY girly and I love it!! The rug is now finished, actual blood sweat and tea (no tears, yet!) went into it and I am VERY proud. It’s made from old duvet covers bought in charity shops cut into strips, braided then sewn together in a spiral.

I still have very little money, generally, and certainly for redecorating so I am still to simply lust after these things of beauty that Folksy Folk have to offer. But what things they are!!
 Want want want! Drift wood Mirror 001 by Driftwoodinovations.com
Lovely Lovely! 'Mad Hatter' Retro 1940's Display Cabinet by Pretty Unique Furniture

More bluey than Green but i think it would work! Nautical Vase by Viewtiful Vases

 Something to rest my tried feet on. Footstool Covered in Nina Campbell Kouka Fabric by Saffron

To keep said toes schnuggly warm! Candy Quilt/Playmat by PUKKA PINNIES by Foxy.s Design

And finally one of these, not from Folksy but there doesn't seem to be a Welsh Dresser maker on there yet!! This would be perfect for all my fabric and crafting stuff maybe one day...........................

I am as finished with the room as i will get this side of Christmas now anyway so the White Christmas tree with pink and purple baubles will at least look like they are in the right room now. And i am so so glad that horrid Argos rug has gone! 

Friday, 12 November 2010

Folksy Friday: Travel

Something about me: I live about 2 hours from my family and a good 4 from my best mates so travel is an essential in mine and Chloe’s life. I have the process of planning, packing and driving to a fine art now but with 3 more trips between now and Christmas planned I thought I would take the opportunity to see what the lovely people of Folksy had to offer to make things happier, prettier and generally more fabulous!

 Utterly fabulous Delilah Travel Bag from Erin

Keep your passport safe & easy to spot in your bag with this Babushka Passprt Cover from it's the little things

Stay clean & fresh with style with this Quilted Toiletries Bag from My Amazing Mum

 And of course something for your makeup Makeup Bag/ Purse from Erin

And to keep the small ones amused:

With all sorts of pockets and bits! Childrens Travel Art Case - Butterflies from Little Daydreams

For those that like to tap tap tappety tap their journey away LOVE Fabric Nintendo DS/DSi Case from Buttoned Up and Pinned Down

An excellent game for everyone to have a go atI Spy Puzzle Bag Toy Clown Cats Fleece from Made by Val

Lots of lovely fings to be getting on with for your travels this festive season and beyond. 

Thursday, 11 November 2010

The party season is upon us

It is really but I wouldn't know! Not ever going out after 7pm means very little 'partying' for me. I’ve not had a night out on the town since July. (ooo that makes me sad!) However I may be going to an actual party with dresses and shoes and stuff later this month so I thought it a good opportunity to show off some of my wares as well as other peoples. 

I have trawled the internet for dresses and can tell you it’s a very poor show for someone that wants to look classy, slim and not part of the crowd when your 5ft 3 and a size 16! I am sure I will come up with something but I think accessories will be the way to make it.

So here’s some of mine and other peoples best of the season. Enjoy.

 Part of my Black & Hepburn range: Zebras Button Brooch/ Haor clip

In my personal favorites list Gorgeous Ivory Rose Cabochon Hair Comb & Bobby Pins Set... by Josephines

For any outside shenanigans these are lovely and look toasty warm! Frilly Fingerless Flamenco Gloves in Purple by A Knit 4 All Seasons

I would look lovely in this!! ;)  50's Style Part Dress by Suzanne Porter Boutique

This would look lovely with it too, one of mine Layers of Lovely Black & Gold Brooch/ Hair Clip

 Oooo and don't forget the legs! Printed Tights Art Nouveau Charcoal Grey and Silver


So in view of a lack of funds and generally needing something that is a timeless classic to justify the expediture i think i MAY buy this one from Good old Dotty P's!

Black Velvet Bell Sleeve Dress from Dorothy Perkins

Then i can add some lovelyness based around 

Girls Best Friend Black & Crystal Brooch/ Hair Clip by Me! 
Now i just have to sort the shoes...............................