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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Finally its done!

I have been working on a braided rug for about 4 months. I decided to start it as I was making a change of colour scheme to the accessories in my living/work room to ‘freshen and girlyfy’ my spaces. It became apparent that commercially I couldn’t get a rug in the colours I wanted that didn’t look like something everyone would have in their house and I just couldn’t afford to buy a handmade one to cover the space, 2mx2m there or there abouts. The cheapo Argos special I got as an emergency ‘its cheap it will do’ was beige and red and covered in baby stains so it HAD to go! This is the ‘mood board’ for the change I did in August.

It’s very fresh and VERY girly and I love it!! The rug is now finished, actual blood sweat and tea (no tears, yet!) went into it and I am VERY proud. It’s made from old duvet covers bought in charity shops cut into strips, braided then sewn together in a spiral.

I still have very little money, generally, and certainly for redecorating so I am still to simply lust after these things of beauty that Folksy Folk have to offer. But what things they are!!
 Want want want! Drift wood Mirror 001 by Driftwoodinovations.com
Lovely Lovely! 'Mad Hatter' Retro 1940's Display Cabinet by Pretty Unique Furniture

More bluey than Green but i think it would work! Nautical Vase by Viewtiful Vases

 Something to rest my tried feet on. Footstool Covered in Nina Campbell Kouka Fabric by Saffron

To keep said toes schnuggly warm! Candy Quilt/Playmat by PUKKA PINNIES by Foxy.s Design

And finally one of these, not from Folksy but there doesn't seem to be a Welsh Dresser maker on there yet!! This would be perfect for all my fabric and crafting stuff maybe one day...........................

I am as finished with the room as i will get this side of Christmas now anyway so the White Christmas tree with pink and purple baubles will at least look like they are in the right room now. And i am so so glad that horrid Argos rug has gone! 

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  1. I love the rug! Its fab. Don't be afraid to visit your local tip - they often grab the decent stuff and sell it on to the public for very few pennies. Also if you live in flats, check areas like the communal bin shed - its amazing what people throw away - we got a virtually new suite that that a few kitten scratches on it very recently :-)