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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Its for charadee mate!!

So here i am, back again. :D  We've been reeealllllyyyyy busy. Moving and a trip to London with Chloe for some heart stuff that didn't go brilliantly but we're working on it!! 

We were at Great Ormond Street Hospital attending the Cardiac day ward and surgery for 3 days so the nice people there put us up at the Weston House Patient Hotel. Its all been built and run from the GOSH charity and provide vital accommodation to the day ward attendees and their families. While i was there i noticed a lack of really decent toys, book and games in the communal areas. When packing for the trip theres little room left for too many toys etc. So i decided to try and help by getting some donations of the few things they can take second hand and of cash for purchasing the things they can only take new. 

 Part of this cunning and marvellous plan was to introduce a GOSH kids range to my little Folksy store where the profits will go straight into buying said items. So thats what i've been doing the last few weeks, planning making and listing, here some of the ones so far. As interest manifests i shall be sure to add more! 

All modelled by the ever lovely, and seriously dribbly that day, Chloe! I know 'other' sellers have beautifully posed shots with smiling babies looking perfect but i thought these were so funny and, really, they sum up Chloe and what its all about! So nerr!

Pop in and have a look why dontcha! x