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Friday, 17 December 2010

Folksy Friday: Paper crafts

I don't know about anyone else but this year i am skint. Christmas has been planned and budgeted carefully and all the presents made to save money, the one thing i do have is time at home so making made sense. When it came to decoration i wanted something new but on a budget. The old red and gold did not go with my new fresh pinks and greens colour scheme in the living room so some new stuff was required (see prev posts!) In addition to some baubles etc etc i found a link to this paper snowflake tutorial on the folksy forum and had a go 

Rather good i thought!! (sorry hall gets no natural light!!) 

I thought i would have a look at what sort of paper offerings there are in lovely Folksy land.

1. Suncatcher batik Paper from The Old Forge Art Studio
I love this, really different, really good for a fun bright tear round garden, kids would love um too. 
2. Vintage French Novel Paper Baubles from Maisy and Alice Handmade Delights
These are lovely, you can pop them anywhere and all year not just for Christmas trees you know!! 
3. Map Bead Cuff Bracelet from Jayfa Jewellery 
Eco friendly statement jewellery, what more could you want!!?!!
4. Japanese Chiyogami Paper Pendant from Picture Pendants
Lovely bright summery pendant
5. Paper Bird - Bluetit from Rae Welch
Amazing, such and lovely ornament, great gift for a bird lover
6. Paper Pendant from My Lurvlee
This is stunning! Lovely colour and shape.
7. 12 Handmade Paper Flowers from Sherbet Ice Designs
These are great, so many possibilities! Wedding table, home decor, decorate boxes, notebooks etc the list goes on!!!
8. Silver etched and paper brooch from KRC Designs
This is very clever, layers of paper and an etched silver panel at the front. 
9. Jenny the paper monkey from polkadot Sundays
I love Jenny the monkey, she needs to come and live at my house!! 
10. Shakespearean paper garland of hearts from bookity
This is great, lovely shabby chic decoration 
11. Paper String Large Vase from Macrame Art
Just don't put water in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12. Cat Paper Weight from Millicent
To keep those unruly sheets in place who better than Cat to watch over them.

So that's your lot today, hopefully there's something you like or some inspiration to get folding, cutting and sticking!! :D


  1. WOW, I've not seen any of these and they are so clever. That bird is amazing.apryl bluedaisyglass

  2. A great selection, lovely photos and wicked snowflakes too xx