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Friday, 11 February 2011

Folksy Friday: Spring

So its nearly spring (no really it is!) so i thought i would devote the Folksy Friday to the most hopeful of seasons. 
We seem to be making a habit of moving in the spring here at Roses HQ with a move hopefully not to far away, new beginnings and all that. Hopefully this will be the last one for a while, somewhere quiet and peaceful with a garden, lovely. I am also on a diet (again!) and looking into courses to become a teaching assistant for children with special needs, so lots of newness and exciting times.

So here's some of my favorite spring inspired items

An obviously less than willing model but really cute none the less!! 

Lovely bowl for anywhere in the house, i think it would be my BBQ bread bowl 

This would suit my colour scheme lovely, hint hint!

Give yourself a lift with this 

Upcycling at its loveliest!

Hang spring from your ears 

Smell spring in your home (even when its dark and grey)

Wear spring on your chest (/bag/coat/hat/etc)

 Keep spring in your home with this lovely Green man

Hopefully thats brightened things up a bit! Now out into the drizzle....................



  1. What a lovely blog on this dullest grey day! Thank you, Katy for cheerimg me up. The Teacher's Assistant course sounds exciting... and dieting! Yes, I too am dieting again

    Speak to you soon


  2. Good luck with the move Katy (and to getting a garden!) and all the new exciting things you're doing :) Thanks so much for featuring our greenman!
    Kate (via Frank)